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All Aglow 
Weaning Workshop

For many parents weaning can be a worrying process, but All Aglow Weaning Workshop is here to put your mind at ease and to help you feel more confident about introducing solids to your baby.

The workshop will walk you through; what, when and how to give solid foods to your baby. I will teach you the difference between choking and gagging, as well as provide information about what happens to their milk feeds.

The class will empower you to make the decision on the approach you want to take when it comes to feeding your baby - whether that be baby-led, purees or a combination of the two and help you to make the transition to solid foods easy, enjoyable and lots of fun!

This workshop includes:

  • Current guidelines

  • How to spot signs of readiness

  • Information on baby-led weaning, spoon feeding and how to combine approaches

  • How to juggle milk & food

  • Foods to avoid

  • How to present food

  • Foodie messy play 

  • Choking/gagging

  • What equipment you’ll need

  • Meal ideas 

  • Handouts with nutritional information

The workshop is fun, relaxed and interactive and we are always baby-led. 

Up to 2 parents/carers can attend this workshop with or without their baby.

£25 for 1 hour 30 minute workshop. 

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