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Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

Baby Massage
5 Week Course

 What to Expect & What's Included

Each week we introduce another part of baby's body to Baby Massage, beginning with the legs and gradually working up to a full body massage in week 5...lucky baby! 

As we work through each massage I will explain all of the benefits of the strokes so you can learn techniques to soothe and settle your baby and how to offer pain relief when they need it most. 

We end each session with a chat over some refreshments. It's a great opportunity for you to relax, meet other new, local parents and swap your parenting tips and tricks. 

When you attend the course you'll receive

  • A FREE goodie bag including a mini bottle of Neal's Yard Remedies Grapeseed Oil

  • Product samples from Neal's Yard Remedies

  • A sweet treat for you​

  • Learn a lifelong skill with both remedial and emotional benefits

  • In-class handouts to explain each massage stroke

  • PDF of all the strokes so you can practice them at home

  • Well deserved refreshments for mummies

  • Time to chat with other parents

  • Optional Whatsapp group to chat with other parents between classes

  • ​An exclusive 25% off Foxton Photography family location photoshoot which, includes a minimum of 15 digital photos

Happy Baby

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Touch is the most developed sense at birth and through massage you can communicate love, security and trust to your baby, helping to further improve your bond.

During massage all of the senses are stimulated between parent and baby.  You will use eye contact, talking, singing, exchange of smells and positive touch to communicate and learn your baby's cues which will help to develop your unique attachment.

There's also many remedial benefits to Baby Massage including providing relief from symptoms of colic, trapped wind, teething, congestion and digestive troubles. 

When you massage your baby you both release the “feel good” hormone called Oxytocin, which will help you both to relax. Massage is very calming and can help to soothe and settle your baby as well as promote sleep.

Our classes provide...

Time for baby:

• Relief for colic, pain relief, digestive troubles and support unsettled babies

• Enhance parent/baby communication

• Opportunities for parents to meet the early developmental needs of babies through touch, movement, sight and sound

• Opportunities to enhance the bonding process between parent and baby

• Uninterrupted time for parent and baby to spend together

Time for parents:

• Encourage instinctive parenting and how to nurture baby naturally

• Build confidence by helping parents to understand baby more and to recognise their cues

• An opportunity for time out from a hectic world 

• Teach parents new skills for life

• Provide an opportunity to share their parenting experiences with other local parents

• Opportunities to enhance the bonding process between parent and baby

• Uninterrupted time for parent and baby to spend together

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